AUGUST Q&A // relationship tips, childhood, boob sweat & more!!

AUGUST Q&A // relationship tips, childhood, boob sweat & more!!

I started working on this in July and things got a little crazy. Hope you enjoy!

Q: How did you meet Wes?

A: We both went to the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. (#godawgs)! We met our senior year in film & tv production class.

Q: What are your top relationship tips?

A: Oh man. This is tough. Communication is biggie. Wes and I are very different personality types and so if we don’t communicate things start to fall apart quickly, at least in my head they do. Lol. “We haven’t talked today YOU MUST HATE ME” Yeah, I know. rolls eyes

Q: What is your favorite board game?

A: Omg… ummm. SCRABBLE. I am pretty good at it and can play for hours, I used to play on my phone all the time too. Lol..

Q: What’s your enneagram type?

A: I am a 7 and still figuring out my wing. I am also a Gemini which heavily compliments things because I feel like I can be anyone sometimes… haha.

Q: What’s your career background?

A: I am an assistant costume designer in the film industry. I started out as a Costume Production Assistant in 2010 and worked my way up the Costume department chain. I absolutely loved it, but once I had children it was really hard to commit to the industry.

Q: How to give up diet culture?

A: This is hard. Just yesterday, I was at the nail salon and I saw advertisements for plastic surgery on the TV to look thinner. Our society has glamorized THIN and equated it to being happy FOR SO LONG NOW… we are all brainwashed. You have to constantly fight it in your brain. Re-train the way you think about food. Food is not bad. Start following Instagram accounts that talk openly about their past eating disorders, or those who follow the HAES approach to eating. I am still working on this. It’s a journey.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: Sitting on the couch and watching Riverdale or Euphoria and eating ice cream YUP!

Q: Favorite childhood memory?

A: I’ve realized in my 30’s now that I am a very experience based person. My memory is of moments that made me feel happy. So to be honest, my favorite memories are the ones where I snuggled with my mom in her bed, when we went on family trips (I have always had a sense of wanderlust) and summers at the pool with my little brother.

Q: Biggest advice for going from 1 kid to 2?

A: Buckle up, mama. ;) Lol. No, seriously, no one can really put this into words how you’re going to feel. But just know that it is HARD. No matter what anyone says (or doesn’t) - it is hard. It’s hard to share your energy and emotions between two tiny humans that you made. It’s hard to manage the anxiety that comes with being a mama in general, and double that.

Just know that you NEED to be okay with asking for help when you need it. You have to. It’s survival. Also, all of these tough moments where you think you’re going to lose it…. they’re only temporary, and totally worth it just to see the first time your older kid kisses your new baby, and the bond they instantly have outweighs ALL of the bad.

Q: Favorite underwear?

A: I JUST finally found some I like! ThirdLove cotton hipsters… check this post out for exact details.

Q: How is PJ so mobile?

A: Girl, I don’t know. Lol. She’s one determined little lady and CAN’T miss out on anything that her sister does.

Q: I’m struggling with being body positive while pregnant. How did you handle it?

A: Being pregnant was really really tough for me - First of all, I am really sensitive to the hormonal change and it threw me into a deep depression both times even though if you would have asked me at the time I would have said I wasn’t depressed

The first time around, I listened to the self hate and believed my body was wrecked. The second time around, I refused to listen to the hate talk and embraced the different body I now had. I know this isn’t a solution for you… but just know you aren’t alone. Buy clothes that feel good and are comfortable. Here is a link to my maternity essentials post and pregnancy faves.

Q: How often do you clear out your closet?

A: Since Marie-Kondoing our house in the winter I have really tried to keep a constant flow of cycling things out. I sell on poshmark, consignment, and donate A LOT. So for me… monthly.

**CLOSET SALE THIS SUNDAY - AUG 11 at 11AM @ Avalon Hotel in Alpharetta!

Q: Where are your heart shaped sunnies from?

A: Unfortunately they are sold out but HERE IS A DUPE!!!

Q: What are your favorite budget friendly and high quality plus size stores?

A: ModCloth, Anthropologie (ALWAYS has a great sale section), Madewell (great sale section usually), Eloquii, ASOS, J.Crew (always sales), LOFT (always sales).

Q: How do you talk to your daughter about being body positive?

A: I don’t. I teach her by example. The other day she asked me why my belly button looked so different than hers and I said “Oh, that’s just how mommy’s tummy looks and I really love it like that!!” She beamed and said “yeah mommy! I love mine too!”

Q: How to deal with boob sweat?

A: MEGA BABE! It works.

Q: Which Spanx underwear do you like again?

A: This kind - size up if you’re postpartum for comfort.

Q: How to keep a relationship fresh after marriage and kids?

A: This is so tough. Kids change everything and although they say to put your marriage first, that is really hard on you as a mama. I think patience and respect is of utmost importance, as well as communication and understanding. Honestly, sometimes looking at old memories and photos bring me back to reality when I need it. It forces m to think: are we still this way? When’s the last time we laughed like that? And then I go from there. I know it’s cliche but I really try to act like I’m dating him (he’s probably eye rolling as I say this like NO SHE DOESN’T hahahaha) but I really do. It’s just hard. We joke and call these days the dark ages because at the end of the day, the kids DO come first - especially when you’re dealing with kids that won’t sleep, etc. Lately, things have been great because we’ve been able to get them both to bed at a decent time and then we actually, for the first time in a LONG time get to hang out for a few hours before bed. In summary: I guess my biggest tip is to never stop trying to keep things interesting and fresh. Schedule date nights, even if they fall through.

Q: Favorite high waisted jean?

A: These! I am a 34 or a 35 depending on the week ;)

Q: What made you decide to start blogging?

A: First and foremost, I have always loved storytelling. This isn’t my first blog either (lolol hi, any aikens effect fans out there? I had like 5 readers it was legit). But when I stepped back from the film industry I knew I wouldn’t be content or creatively fulfilled unless I tried it. I was trying to think of what I could do that utilizes my creative and fashion background, and my friend mentioned City Peach to me and she inspired me to do this. From there, I realized I was going through my own journey of self love and I decided to be transparent about it. The more I share, the more messages I get from women who are truly out there struggling. Honestly, the reason why I do this is because there is such an important message out there that needs to be heard. Women of ALL shapes and sizes are smart, successful, beautiful, and capable of changing the world.

Q: How do you not beat yourself up for gaining weight?

A: Because I realized, finally, that it doesn’t define me at all. For my entire life I have let my weight and food rule me. Trust me, it’s no way to live.

Q: Do you suffer from mom-isolation? Does having a job in social media help or hinder it?

A: ABSOLUTELY. My first year of motherhood was very isolating. I was also suffering from PPD, PPA and PTSD but in denial about it. Social media helps - I have connected to so many women on here that have helped me realize what I’m going through is normal and that it’s okay to ask for help.

Q: Did you sleep train PJ?

A: Yes - see this blog post!

Q: Hardest year of your life? Best year of your life?

A: OOOh. Hmm. 2006 hardest (trying to find myself), 2015 hardest (Emmie was born with medical issues)… Best year? That is so tough to answer! Ever since Wes entered my life in 2009, it’s been pretty dang good. 2019 has been pretty amazing.

Q: What is your advice for women who aren’t postpartum but who are learning to love their bodies?

A: Same exact advice for postpartum women. I have had body image issues my entire life. Oh how I wish I would have realized my worth was NOT based on my size when I was younger. It’s a journey. We’ve been conditioned in our society that THIN = happy, smart, beautiful, healthy, perfect. But I’ve learned that it isn’t true at all.

I so love doing these Q&A sessions! See you next month! xoxo

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