LETTING GO // with ThirdLove

LETTING GO // with ThirdLove

If you’ve been following me for awhile this year, then you know that I’ve opened up about anxiety and depression a lot. Opening up about these things may be uncomfortable for some, but for me… it has helped me cope tremendously.

This Summer I have started spending more time outside, mainly because of the kids. By doing this, I’ve realized how grounding it is for me. By putting my feet on the Earth, I can literally let go of everything. It’s amazing. There is a meditation practice actually called “grounding”, which is basically what this is. Nature can be really healing if you open yourself up to it.

I know you’ve been seeing ThirdLove ads flood your feeds lately, and I recently agreed to give their bras and underwear a try. Spoiler alert: They ARE actually pretty amazing. I found the cup size to run generous, so you may be able to go down a cup size but keep the same band size. Other than that, the fabric is incredible and the support is fantastic. Best part is, if you try out their Fit Finder quiz and the recommended size doesn’t fit quite right, returns and exchanges are free and such a breeze, so there’s no risk in trying. 

Not only that, but they have the LARGEST RANGE of sizes I have seen (78 of them including half cups!). It is beyond impressive and I am so happy that I can direct ALL of my readers to a brand that includes their size.

I’ve struggled big time with finding any underwear that I like, especially since having two kids. They threw in a matching pair of undies for me and oh. my. goodness… I am in love. I’ll be mass ordering these asap. I like the 3X but 2X fits just a tiny bit more snug.

The past few weeks have been a little stressful, but last night I let it all go.

I took my clothes off. I touched the ground. I danced in the middle of these sunflowers in nothing but my underwear.

My body has been through a lot. After having my first baby, I used to look at it and think “Ugh. You’re so wrecked.” This time around, I’ve changed the way I think and the way I talk to myself. But most importantly, I’ve changed the way I treat myself.

If I want to dance in the sunflowers in nothing but my underwear because it makes me feel good, then I deserve to do just that. I don’t have to “lose the baby weight” before I show my body the love it deserves. 

Years from now, I will look back on these photos and appreciate all that my body has done for me. Thank you, ThirdLove, for creating such a size inclusive brand. And for giving me the confidence to be who I really am. 

In these photos I am wearing the 24/7 Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra in Sea Salt and the matching Pima Cotton Hipster panties

This post is sponsored by ThirdLove, but all opinions are my own.

Photography at Prospect Farms by Naomi Hopkins.

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