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Last month, I did a shopping haul from the new LOFT plus size line and tried everything on in my Instagram stories. I was super impressed with what I bought from them! One of my ALL TIME favorite items was this navy cotton jumpsuit. 

Sadly, this jumpsuit is now sold out (they keep restocking it in different sizes though, so keep an eye out!) It comes in regular and plus!

However, I've been getting tons of questions from all of you about what are the best ones to try. So here you go! I've separated them by size! 

Jumpsuits are a great option for ANY occasion. Just like dresses, there are casual versions and dressed up versions. They can also be EASILY worn during pregnancy which is major bonus! Step outside of your comfort zone and try it! And then let me know what you think. ;) xo

REG (0-14)

PLUS (14 and up)