It's the beginning of a new month, and a new season in my life. I think it's time to talk about my AUGUST GOALS. But also, can we talk about this hot pink blazer? 

I used to be really good about coming up with life goals on the first of every month. To be honest though, ever since I had a baby, I've completely forgotten to do it. So, here goes.


1. To live purposefully.

2. Be thankful for job opportunities.


4. Get more sleep. 

5. Treat this body more like a temple, and less like a Taco Bell eating zombie. AKA, TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF. Get a massage. Eat better.

6. Pray more.

7. Sweat more. 

8. Love more. 

9. Save the money I'm working so hard to make.

10. Cook more.

Whew. That's a lot of goals, but, I find it really helps to ground myself.

Ok, let's talk more about this HOT PINK BLAZER and how I styled it! I have always loved blazers and what they do for ANY body type. They polish off any look. If you have curves like me, a good tailored blazer can accentuate your figure. An oversized blazer can also be flattering, giving an elongating look, and it's one of my favorite layers to add to any outfit.

So basically --- I saw this hot pink Barbie blazer and almost died. I immediately thought; Ok, I'll throw that with a black jumpsuit or a dress for going out and its perfect.

But I pushed the envelope here, and paired it with a cute, classic striped tank top from Banana Republic. I love how the pink in the blazer pulls out the pink from the top. I am wearing a size XL in the tank and a size 16 in the blazer. The blazer runs a little big, FYI. 

The jeans I'm wearing are Good American in a size 16. These run a little bigger in the legs, but I like that clean look. The hem is my favorite. My sandals are classic Mossimo from Target years ago! 





GET EM'S LOOK: Everything is sold out, but her top & shoes are from Old Navy, and her pants H&M. Bow is Southern Adoornments.

Keep scrolling for cute pics shot by J Nelly Photography, and at the bottom I've linked some other really cool STATEMENT BLAZERS for you to check out!