Ever have a day that you think you have planned out perfectly... and then it goes completely wrong? I'm still learning how to deal with last minute plan changes like a big girl (type A probs) but this year on the 4th of July, things went way differently than planned. I took a deep breath, and went with the flow.  Letting go is so fun sometimes. I'm actively working on trying to do that in a lot of places in my life. I think this year's 4th of July was my favorite in life thus far.

We thought we might try the Botanical gardens, but midtown was too insane from the Peachtree Road Race (literally couldn't get anywhere close to it) so we ended up just hanging out at Ponce City Market and playing at the park off the beltline. In the evening, it started raining. The first two restaurants we went to were closed, but then we ended up at one of our favorite local spots, The Imperial, and it was perfect. Afterwards, we moseyed on over to Avondale Estates, where it had stopped raining. It's one of our favorite neighborhoods. We watched fireworks on the lake and it was magical! Emaline enjoyed it - which was so much fun to watch! Definitely the highlight of our night was watching her in awe of the fireworks.

 Keep scrolling for pictures from our super low key day (I mean... look at what I'm wearing... doesn't get more low key than dirty hair, workout pants and my version of a t-shirt). 

My favorite white t-shirt now comes in a fun print and a few other colors. I've linked my hat, tote, and shirt for you! Side note about the tote: My Aunt Patti gave this to me. It is the classic Nordstrom tote that they carry year round. I just saw it in the store the other day and it made me smile. It was her favorite tote, and she made sure that I knew it was mine when she was gone. I use it all the time.

SHIRT | white | gray | gingham | mink

HAT | here

TOTE | here