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GRATITUDE ON A MONDAY, with some style on the side

I can’t sleep, and all I can seem to think about right now is gratitude. Like, out of nowhere, I was just overcome with an extreme amount of thankfulness for everything great in my life right now. Funny how that happens.

I’ve had a rough couple of days. Between lack of sleep, anxiety, hormones, and emotions... it’s just been hard on my soul.


So I loved this dress in particular because it's short, it's fun, and it gives me arm coverage. Totally appropriate to wear throughout the summer! Here's the thing about dresses that I love. Generally speaking, I hate pants. Especially when it get's hot outside. But I also don't love how shorts fit my body and so that leaves me with one (or two) options, really. Dresses or skirts. 


Hey friends! Spring is in full force (or at least... about to be) and I've been getting lots of requests for spring dresses! 'Tis the season for bridal showers, baby showers, and whatever else makes you feel like wearing a dress! Tonight I'm sharing this look from the Draper James x Eloquii collaboration! I absolutely love this collection and both of these brands, by the way. The quality, fit, and look is top notch. But if you scroll down, I'm also sharing some other spring dress faves! 


Today I'm sharing with you another look from the Draper James x Eloquii collection (sizes 12-28). I am SO happy with the items I have from this collaboration you guys - the quality and fit is amazing. This might quite literally be the perfect spring dress. It fits perfectly, and the flare shape of the skirt is so flattering. It is easy to add a layer as well!