How to Style Spanx Leggings (1).png

I've gotten this question a MILLION times recently so I thought it might be a good thing to share! Leggings are hard to style - because you don't want to look like you shouldn't be wearing them as pants, but... you totally are and that's okay. I AM ALL FOR THE #LEGGINGSAREPANTS movement, btw. You just have to know how to wear them the right way. 


First of all, let's talk about these Spanx! On the website it says to size up, which I totally agree with. The last time I could wear these was before I got pregnant with this baby, and I was a 14-16. I squeezed into the XL. But I would have been more comfortable in the 1X. 

They have a lot of stretch, but they aren't going to look too big. I definitely say to size up. 


Here's where it can get a little tricky. There are basically TWO WAYS to wear tops with leggings, in general. 

1. A basic cute top, silk cami, casual tee, that hits you at regular height. PLUS a layer on top that is longer. There are a ton of beautiful cardigans on major sale at Nordstrom right now. You can also do a kimono (imagine that!!) Also love the idea of an oversized pullover sweater with a peek of a top underneath. 

2. A longer tunic length top, with or without the layer. Layers are ALWAYS cute, but if it's not cold enough, you might want the option to ditch the layer. Here are some tops I recommend! 


A cute bootie, a casual sneaker, knee high boots... all of those will work! I am not a fan of heels with these because... #SANDYFROMGREASE. Unless you want to be her, then that's fine. 

Does this help? If you have any more questions, let me know! These photos were taken last Winter, when I wore my leggings all of the time. Here is how I wore them (that was captured on camera).