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I've gotten this question a lot - and I totally understand why. High waisted denim first made it's come back as a style choice that I honestly only saw smaller women wearing. It's a fun, funky trend that is straight from the 80's/90's. You know what I'm talking about... the mom jean trend that also comes in jean short form. 

Nowadays, you'll see women of all sizes rocking high waisted denim, with crop tops and showing off their curves. Which is a fun look that I applaud anyone for wearing!

But that is NOT the kind of high waisted jeans I'm talking about today. Today, I'm teaming up with Lane Bryant to show you WHY I LOVE and will ONLY wear high waisted jeans. Here's how I wear them and why.

Seriously: who's idea was it to make low rise jeans? I would have KILLED to fit in a pair of L.E.I.'s when I was in middle school. I constantly fat shamed myself because no pair of flares would ever fit my hips. Looking back - if I just would have known about this secret... and known that my body just wasn't made for low rise... maybe I would have gone easier on myself. 

Here's what I love about high waisted denim that I never realized before: My kind of body... needs that kind of love. The place at which my hips hit and my curves land - if I wear midrise or lowrise, I am pulling up my pants ALL. DAY. LONG. Now that I'm a mom, I seriously don't have time to worry about pulling up my pants while trying to chase a toddler. 

There aren't a lot of jeans out there that I will tell you are great - most of them stretch out throughout the day, and they still don't stay up above my hips. But these high-rise super stretch skinny jeans from Lane Bryant are really a fantastic and affordable option if you are looking for new jeans to try. I LOVE the waistband and where it hits my stomach. They don't stretch out throughout the day and I love how they look on. 

I often get asked: "but what about this pooch that happens with my stomach in high waisted jeans?"

Girl. I KNOW what you mean. 

I typically wear shirts that are a little longer that cover that part of my midsection up. To be honest, it's just not an area I want to showcase and I'm fine with that. I have truly found this to be the most flattering way to dress my body. It's all about finding the right fit and length in a top. You don't want a shirt that's too baggy on top - it needs to fit, but also have a decent length to it. 

This top I LOVE because it has a peplum detail which is so flattering on pretty much all body types. It's also slightly asymmetrical which is one of my favorite flattering top secrets. 

The shoes - the shooooes! I love the "surprise" embroidery on the side and I am always down for a good wedge to wear throughout the Spring and Summer. These come in wide which is hard to find, although I do not have a wide foot I don't necessarily need that size. They are so comfortable!

Also loving these earrings and the quality of the jewelry. A subtle pop in earrings is the easiest way to pull an entire outfit together. 


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