ON PRINT MIXING // + why you should try it


I finally ordered some items from Blair Eadie’s collaboration with Halogen at Nordstrom and I LOVE the versatility in this collection! I really appreciated that she had the opportunity to add extended sizing to her collection and she said YES. We need more Blair’s in the fashion world!

I love mixing prints and pairing unexpected colors together because it adds interest, and it also elevates your look.

This post isn’t just about plus size women, it’s about all women. However, I’ve noticed a trend with women who are above a size 14: NO ONE WANTS TO DO IT.

But, dare I ask… WHY?

Listen up, ladies. We’ve gotta stop wearing black to “make us look slimmer.” STOP. IT. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BLACK. It’s probably my favorite color. But stop hiding under it! Put some effort into dressing your body, find what works, and run with it.

My good friend Kam once told me, “I’d rather look cool than skinny” AND I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Like I’ve always said, it’s about time we started loving our bodies the way they are. Find what works on your body and makes you feel confident and go for it. (By the way, you should follow her on IG if you don’t already).

One thing that I love about the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen collab is that everything Blaire designed is so versatile. You can literally mix and match almost everything from her line.

I snagged one of her floral a-line skirts and styled it TWO WAYS, seen below.

Sizing: Note that the skirts and sweaters run large. I’m wearing a 2X in everything. The button up is true to size. I could have sized down two sizes in the skirt!

This teddy coat is not from her collection, but here’s the shopping link. All shopping links can be found below the photos.

So, here’s your challenge. Give print and pattern mixing a try! And I’m dying to know…. do you guys already mix your patterns? Which look is your fave? DO YOU THINK I’M CRAZY? Or genius. I love you either way. Ha!