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Some people like botox, fake nails, lip injections, or blowouts every so often to make them feel good. For me? It's a tan. I'm not sure why but ever since I was in middle school I always wanted to be tan. I'll never forget in 9th grade, when self tanner had just become a "thing"... and somehow I got my hands on some. I was in drama class and looked down at my legs (I was totally sporting my denim dress that day because I was hoping I had achieved tan legs the night before). What I saw, though, wasn't super fabulous Britney tanned legs. It was a streaky, orange mess and I was mortified!

From then on, I swore off fake tanning lotion and stuck with what I knew: The sun would make me tan. I remember oiling up and laying out all day in high school, however I don't ever remember the tan ever happening like I dreamt it would be. 

My freshman year of college was a game changer for me. I discovered a tanning bed salon where you could lay for 20-30 minutes for ONE DOLLAR. You guys. I cannot believe I went to a tanning bed salon and paid a dollar. *SHAKING MY HEAD*

Never the less, we all did it. It became a group outing for my girlfriends and I, and we associated it with how beautiful we were. 

Around the age of 23, I finally started to stop tanning. I started noticing wrinkles in my chest and it kind of freaked me out. Around that same time, my Aunt had told us that she had a cancerous spot in her leg and that it was melanoma. So, I stopped tanning regularly and only went when I needed a pick me up. I started to try spray tans but I was never happy with them. 

Once I finally found a spray tan spot that I loved, there was literally no point in going to the tanning bed anymore. Who doesn't love an INSTANT TAN anyway?! This might sound dramatic, but spray tans may have saved my life. I do worry that my over exposure in the sun and tanning beds will come back to bite me in the butt, but I get checked a couple times a year and so far so good.

Unfortunately, my Aunt passed away about a year ago from Melanoma, which had turned into brain cancer and really just cancer all over her body. Skin cancer is serious and a lot of times gets missed. We are so much smarter now than we were 10 years ago... if you're reading this, and you go to the tanning bed, I beg you to reconsider. It can be addicting, and it feels good, I know that. 

Here's the thing. There's just really no excuse anymore to be getting in that tanning bed. 

Which brings me to this:

I recently found a local mobile spray tanning service in Atlanta called Southern Glow on the Go that I am SO INCREDIBLY happy with. First of all, I know what some of you might think when you hear SPRAY TAN. You immediately think: "OMG I HAVE TO BE NAKED IN FRONT OF A STRANGER" --- spoiler alert ---

Yes, you do... but you ALSO have to know that these girls have seen it ALL. And they are so professional and really focused on the tan. Trust me, the last thing they care about is your body. Except for making it tan ;)

Second, my tan lasted 7 days. WHAT?! Yes. 

Third, they COME TO YOU. So all you mama's out there can relate, I used to hate finding a babysitter just to go get a spray tan.  But this is so easy and it takes less than 20 minutes. 

I really might just start having them come to my house weekly because it's THAT GOOD. 

They spray you in a customized way, with an all natural solution that actually doesn't smell bad. And you don't end up looking orange. 

If all of that wasn't enough to sway you.... it's only $45. Do you know what it costs to go to a salon and get sprayed? Like $50 at least. And these girls come to your house. ALL. THE. PRAISE. HANDS. 

Ok, I'll chill now. Sorry. 

One last thing: Southern Glow on the Go is offering a special discount to House of Dorough followers - so if you want to try it, go to their website to book it and mention the code 'houseofdorough' in the comments for $5 off. They're only giving this deal out to the first 20, so hurry up and book! 

Check them out on Instagram here, where you can also send them a DM to book. They also post client photos a LOT so you can see for yourself! 

Stay tuned for a blog post next week about how to make your spray tan last! If you don't live in Atlanta, look for something like this in your area! 


This suit is c/o Sea Angels, and I LOVE it! If you've been following me for awhile then you remember I worked with them last year too. I love this brand and their suits. Stay tuned for more in the next month! 

The peplum on this one is so flattering. I am wearing a 1x on top and a 2x on bottom. This swimsuit comes in REG, PLUS, & MATERNITY