I'll keep this quick: It's a new month, which means a FRESH START with FRESH GOALS.

This is a sponsored post by PinkBlush, one of my favorite go-to online boutiques! They sell all sizes, from regular to plus, and maternity. 

1. FIND A NEW WORKOUT ROUTINE - It's time for me to focus on myself again and get healthy. I don't care about what my body looks like. J/K... if getting healthy means also losing some inches, that's a perk I can get behind! But my real concern here is maintaining my anxiety & stress levels. And exercise seems to be the best medicine for that. 

2. BE MORE INTENTIONAL - I'm pretty sure this was on my goals for August (or some version of it was), but I need to focus in on this more. I look at my daughter for inspiration, who seems to do EVERYTHING with intent and reason (you're probably laughing at me because she's... umm.. a one-year-old, but she's an OLD SOUL)!

3. COOK. COOK. COOK. AKA stop eating out. Self explanatory. This one is SO hard to do! But, I'm reminding myself that this not only saves us more money, but helps ensure a healthier menu.

4. SAVE THAT MONEY HONEY - again, self explanatory.

5. STAY GOLD - Ok, real talk. I actually have no idea what this phrase means, but it's plastered on the front of Em's adorable oversized dress and seems to be super positive so I'm gonna just roll with it. Sounds good, right? (Let me know if you know)

What are your goals this month? 


I am OBSESSED with this cardigan. If you know me, you know my love for flowy kimonos and oversized cardigans is a thing. But this one is like a HYBRID of both of those things!!! And... it's super thin and lightweight (which is a must have in ATL). PinkBlush does it again! They have some super cute Fall things in the shop right now!


SCARF | old Maje, wish they still made them!


Photography by Morgan Hayes. 

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Jewelry c/o Kendra Scott. Cardigan c/o PinkBlush. All opinions are my own. 

Jewelry c/o Kendra Scott. Cardigan c/o PinkBlush. All opinions are my own.