Happy Easter, from my family to yours! This year, instead of the hustle and bustle to church and brunch, we opted for a lower key day and spent a lot of time outdoors and with family. Traveling to visit my mom always feels like a vacation from the city! 

Em's easter basket was filled with loads of dollar store goodies, but of course I had to add a few bits of magic!! For example, I tossed in a couple of pairs of her favorite thing in the world right now: SHOES.


(It's hilarious. Here's the link to these exact ones she is wearing)

Right now one of my FAVE baby girl looks is sneakers with dresses. SCROLL through the pics below for direct links to our Easter looks... everything Em is wearing is still available in stores! Click the pics to shop the items! 

Oh, and that adorable bunny bow she's got on? It's from my favorite #momboss bow maker! (here is a link to her shop). 

Thank goodness for adorable kimonos from Anthropologie... because that and a hat was exactly what I needed to throw on and look presentable!! (Hats are a GAME CHANGER #amiright!?)

I didn't realize that a 1 year old could have so much fun searching for eggs! She loved it. Today was a darn good day. Going to bed tonight feeling blessed beyond measure. He is risen indeed.