I'm pretty excited about all of the spring sneaker amazingness happening right now! I can remember being SO anti #sneakerlife. We're talking years ago... before the world of adorable casual sneakers came upon us.

I've always struggled between feeling too athletic with a shoe (ha! me? athletic?!) but still wanting something comfortable --- but also wanting to look good. Ya feel me? But now... something magical has happened.

There are adorable, comfortable shoes EVERYWHERE and I can't seem to get enough!

These kicks came in today and I threw them on with what I was wearing and it worked! I'm LOVING the pop of color and it really brings the whole look together. And... they're super comfortable. PS: I got them on MAJOR SALE & they're still available here!

My all time favorite shoe that has come back on trend has obvi been the classic hardshell adidas superstars. You can wear them with ANYTHING! I had these in middle school and loved them then... love them even more now. So easy to slip on and go! 

Another trend I'm actually on board with is the PLATFORM SNEAKER. Yep. I know...I'm shocked too. There's something about them that make me feel a little cooler than usual. You can't wear these with everything... but every once in while they're perfect. 

And I'm pretty sure the classic converse all stars will never go out of style, especially in mom life. My fave version of Chucks are here.

If you haven't noticed... I LOVE LOVE LOVE slip ons. Does that make me lazy?! 

Scroll through my SPRING SNEAKER TOP PICKS for spring/summer.


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