The pressure to have your "mind right" for the New Year is real - especially throughout social media. It's the 2nd week of January, and I just now feel like the fog is started to clear and I'm ready to focus. I see you, 2018. I see you. And I have a lot of goals. I'm not a resolutions type of girl, because I feel like that's kind of setting myself up for disappoint and failure. But by setting goals and talking about my intentions, I am centering and focusing myself. I'm limiting myself to 6 because I feel like that is attainable. 


What is most important to me? Being a mother and a wife, and my faith. This should get most of my time and attention. 

After those things: my business. I have a lot of goals to hit this year but the BIGGEST part of being successful to me is being able to do those things but not let it interfere with my first priority. Which brings me to number 2... 


I have GOT to get organized. It's no longer a "good idea", it is a necessity. Running a successful blog is a full time job and being a mother and a wife is a full time job. On top of that, I have been taking a LOT of projects as an assistant designer/costume buyer which means I work 12-14 hour days every time I'm doing a tv show or a movie. I am not going to completely stop taking those jobs, because I love doing them and they also help support my family financially... but I have to be very selective about when and what jobs I am going to take. 

I need to start planning my posts better. This is hard for me because I am such a spontaneous person and I dream up ideas all night long. I need to execute a daily schedule that includes the following: 

Blog work: writing, answering emails, social media, photography

Exercise: crucial to my mental and physical health

Normal daily things:  being a mom (which obviously takes up most of the day), keeping the house in order, cooking (if my husband is reading this he just laughed), and etc. 

Husband time: My goal this year is to be done with work by the time he gets home from his job. I want and NEED to be more present in the evenings. 


I have been juggling a lot of things this year, and I'm ready to take my blog to the next level. This requires me taking it more seriously and working on a consistent schedule. This also is going to require that I take a lot of risks with putting myself out there. I'm ready.


Smile more. Laugh more. Don't take everything so seriously. If someone cuts me off in traffic, I promise to NOT cuss them out in my heart! HA! And when I'm having a blah day, I'll buy a stranger coffee. This is one of the easiest ways to get yourself out of a funk. 


Taking nods from the KonMari method, I want to incorporate this into my life more. Hang on to the things that I love and spark joy in my life, and let go of the things that are no longer serving me. This majorly needs to be applied in my home!


I have been on my own little House of Dorough Love Yourself campaign, and I plan on continuing that. I've done a lot of work on the inside in 2017 and I'm feeling really good about this. It's easy to slip back down a road of not loving yourself though, so I'm setting this as an intention. 

What are your goals and intentions this year? I'd love to hear! 


I am obsessed with this ball gown skirt. It is still available in black and green - it's such a good price, I would buy it for next Winter if I were you! I have worn it for so many occasions. Also, these boots are my jam. They are great for Fall and Winter... and probably even S/S.