WHAT I WORE // The jeans that actually changed my life...

WHAT I WORE // The jeans that actually changed my life...


This post is sponsored by Bloomingdale’s, a brand I have genuinely loved for years. So excited to see them branching out in their extended sizing. This post also contains affiliate links.

I know I've shared some of this in the past and some of you may think Im being dramatic, but.... these jeans seriously changed my life.

I had worked really hard to become a "fit" version of me before getting pregnant. Looking back, it wasn't as disordered as my previous behaviors but it wasn’t coming from the right place. I was so concerned about being a plus size pregnant woman and heaven forbid I would end up a size 16. I was a solid 12-14 when I got pregnant with Emmie - weighing in at 175, working out 6 days a week and eating clean - no dairy, no gluten, basically protein and and veggies. During my pregnancy I was so overly obsessed with my weight and I felt like it just ruled my life. I remember telling the nurses not to tell me what my weight was. I remember several different checkups where doctors would say, “Ok, Ive seen you gained this much weight so far" like it was a major talking point that needed to be covered. (I later found out, after changing doctors with my second pregnancy that all of those “weight talks” were unnecessary).

Despite my efforts to still workout 2x a week (which i was ASHAMED OF,) I gained 75 lbs with Emmie. I dropped about 40 of those quickly just from stress and fluids.

But I would look in the mirror and feel destroyed and broken. I wore my maternity leggings for 6 months for at least a year. I moped around wearing worn out maternity clothes and didn’t feel like I deserved to spend money on clothes to make me feel good.

And then one day… I was getting my hair done and my stylist, Libby was talking about her new Good American jeans. I rolled my eyes and thought… ugh. That is seriously the last thing I want to do right now.

After she mentioned it the second time, I thought… okay fine. I’ll order them online and try them and return them if they don’t work.

I ordered two sizes… the 14 and the 16. When they arrived, I took a deep breath and tried the 14 on. Nope. But then I slipped on the 16 and something magical happened…

They felt like butter and hugged every single curve, every single new roll or lump, every ounce of new hips I had gained from my pregnancy. They went high rise and hit my stomach where it felt comfortable.

I looked in the mirror and squealed. At first, I was unsure… was this too good to be true? I had never worn jeans this close fitting to my body but it FELT so good and so right. I couldn’t return these.

To be honest, I had just started my blogging journey when I got those jeans. They gave me so much confidence and courage to take photos. Which led me to now.

That was in 2017. Fast forward to now, 2019… still a huge fan. This pair of denim in particular I would suggest sizing up in, especially if you are above a size 8. I wear the size 20 in the denim and a 6 in both tops.


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