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NYFW DAY/NIGHT 4 // what I wore + where I went in this ethically made dress


Before I go into detail about this ethically made plus size designer… let’s chat real quick about my Day 4 of fashion week. It was my last full day in NYC. That morning was “the morning” when I experienced all of this (click to read post), so for the afternoon I went back to the hotel and chilled for a little while. Then I pulled myself together, and made my way to Spring Studios to see two fashion shows. The first one was Chiara Boni la Petite Robe which was beautiful, but I was disheartened that they didn’t have any plus size representation on the runway (considering they do carry it, I was surprised).

FATPHOBIA AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK // we have a lot of work to do


Before you see the word “fatphobia” and roll your eyes… don’t. Hear me out.

A year and a half ago, one of my readers responded to my Instagram story where I mentioned I hated the word FAT… and she straight up told me I was fatphobic. In the moment, I got defensive. I swiftly explained to her that the word FAT was extremely hurtful to me and caused me a lot of pain. And that I shouldn’t have to hear that word if I don’t want to.