STYLE HAS NO SIZE // cropped bootcut denim + blazer + tee

This is most definitely my favorite STYLE HAS NO SIZE look to date! I love throwing on a tee, but that’s never been quite enough for me. I have always felt like I required a little more structure, so a blazer is the perfect option.

Mireille and I were actually shopping together when we stumbled upon this blazer, and we knew we had to have it. Unfortunately, I can’t find it online anywhere… but I’ve linked some good similar options.

Let’s get to the real good stuff though: THESE. JEANS.

I’ve talked about them a lot on Instagram stories, but for real - have you tried these yet?! I swear to you… they are so so SO super flattering. I know they might seem like a new scary style to try, but I’m begging you… give it a shot! I think you’ll be pleased.

The fit and quality are fantastic - I am wearing the size 34 (18) and once I am fully healed from surgery, I will do a try on sesh in my stories for ya.

Make sure you check out Mireille’s post too!