I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Give me an outfit that feels like PAJAMAS but looks like A MILLION BUCKS and I'm HERE FOR IT!!!

I found this jumpsuit on a random rack in Target, and it just so happened to be my size. The top part of it is a little confusing to figure out at first - but once you do, it's easy. 

I absolutely love the crotch to boob ratio, meaning there is a LOT of room (mama needs it!!!) - This is my issue a lot of times with jumpsuits. I feel like that ratio is too short and it isn't flattering. 

Anyway, I'm loving this one especially because it's non-maternity but I can see myself wearing it in the Spring after baby comes too! Scroll down to shop and watch the YouTube video I made (I KNOW I AM SUCH A ROOKIE) xoxo