OH, BTW WE ARE HAVING A BABY! I guess it’s time for a bumpdate?

OH, BTW WE ARE HAVING A BABY! I guess it’s time for a bumpdate?

Although I have referenced the fact that I am pregnant on here, I realized the other day that I never made the “official announcement” on the blog that we are having our second baby girl… so, better late than never!

I haven’t been big on doing “bumpdates” - but I thought I would update you all on how I actually am doing, despite the pics and videos you see on Instagram.

While I do try to keep it pretty real on the IG, I haven’t told you that I’m actually in pain all. the. time. It hurts to walk. I can barely sleep. Every 30 minutes my hips start throbbing. So… yeah, it’s pretty glam! ;)

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve opened up a bit about anxiety and especially with having a second child, after all we went through with Emaline. As I feel this baby move, and as I’ve been able to see her every few weeks via ultrasound, my anxiety has eased off a bit.

I’ve seen a perinatal specialist the entire time during this pregnancy, although everything seems to be perfect with this baby. She’s also had an echocardiogram and the specialist suggests we have one done on her after she’s born to ensure there is nothing that’s been missed. These are all PRECAUTIONARY things because of Emaline’s heart defect, and the way in which it presented itself (it was completely MISSED in her perinatal level 2 anatomy ultrasound, which is baffling to my current Doctor). ALL of that being said, I have had a sense of peace around this pregnancy, for the most part, and I really don’t have the “inkling” that something is wrong (like I did with E).

I just finished my 6 week job (which was ONLY possible because of my mother in law and my stepmom - they kept the house together from falling apart and took amazing care of Em for us!!!) and I’m trying to do a major catch up on life in general before she decides to grace us with her presence! I have a TON to do around the house - like finish her room, and finish some home projects. Then, I will be super ready for her to be here.

Emaline is completely obsessed with the fact that she’s having a baby sister. She is SO involved, it’s quite hilarious. Most days she explains to me that the baby in her tummy is also moving and kicking, and that her baby in her tummy is hungry, and that her back hurts just like Mommy’s, etc etc. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

She has also been very into her baby dolls and mothering them every day and night. Making sure they all eat their lunch, use the potty, and are put to bed at night when she goes to bed.

Sometimes she pretends to be a baby, and tells me she wants to be tiny again. But most of the time… she’s the mommy (to her baby dolls) and I’m the grandma.

She’s been very excited every time we receive a gift for the new baby - She immediately goes and puts it in her room, so proud! I can only hope and pray that this sort of attitude stays this way!! ;)

Anyway, since all of you are my virtual BFF’s I figured I’d let you know how we are doing over here in the Dorough house! Only a few more weeks, and she will be here! Her daddy and big sister, along with myself, are so excited to meet her! xoxo


Style notes // I LOVE this non-maternity dress because I feel like it is so versatile. I am wearing a 2X and it fits my baby bump, but it will also fit me when I’m postpartum for awhile - just in time for Fall/Winter layering and the waist knot tie is SO FLATTERING! Throw on any sort of Fall boot or bootie, it could be black or it could be a bold color! When it gets cooler, add a cardigan like I did in the photo!








STYLE HAS NO SIZE // boyfriend jeans + kimono

STYLE HAS NO SIZE // boyfriend jeans + kimono