I haven't done this in a while... but I've been working on not putting so much personal pressure on myself to get things done. Here's a look at my goals for this month, accompanied by my favorite look ever from Eloquii! I highly encourage you to practice writing out your goals at the beginning of each month - it really helps center me!


1. Not to eat so much. (J/K - I'm pregnant, #yolo) (OK, J/K again) (I'm trying to eat salads but also I'll eat a hot dog and a milkshake too kthx)

2. Dedicate 10 (sometimes turns into 20) minutes a day to cleaning up in the house. Whether it's straightening up the living room, cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, or vacuuming. I got this tip from my good friend Chrissy - and she's so right. If you do this once a day, it makes having a clean house so much easier, and way less daunting!

3. Do 1 load of laundry a day - I've also been doing this for awhile, and it is seriously helping me stay on top of it. My husband and toddler go through more clothes than you could imagine - doing this has created a nice steady flow and I can handle one load of laundry a day, that literally takes 10 minutes to get out of the dryer and put away. 

4. When you're done with it - PUT IT AWAY. This is something that I am trying to instill with my daughter, and having a house in chaos right now (we are re-doing the entire house) is definitely making it harder. But especially when it comes to dishes and laundry. I don't even put the dry clothes in a basket anymore - I straight up fold them from the dryer because I can no longer stand a basket full of clean clothes. It drives me insane. I also have a serious case of ADD and I'm learning how to channel it and take control of it. Doing things immediately helps, because once it's out of my sight it is 100% out of my mind.

5. Scheduling - I am trying to stop stressing so much about my schedule. I have outlined what I want to do weekly for this business, when it should be done by, and I've given myself deadlines. If I don't make those deadlines, my gut reaction is to freak out. 

6. Finish the house - we have embarked on a complete house re-do before this baby comes. There is still a lot to be done and living in this space is extremely chaotic right now - I cannot wait to finish it all, but it's hard because I can't do everything since I'm pregnant. (Yes, pulling the pregnant card here. If I do too much, my back kills me for the entire next day and I can barely walk. Also it hurts like hell to bend over now). 

7. Put the phone down and read more before bed - this is SO HARD for me. So hard. My phone is my work. But it really helps calm my brain if I shut it off and read instead. 

8. Have a dedicated date night once a week. We are SO bad about this. Between trying to save money, and our schedules... we really have stopped date nights all together. 

That's my list! RIVETING, right?!

Happy August, you guys. Love you mucho. 

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