You guys asked for it, here it is! A quick round up with all of the things we brought to the beach. For me, hubby, and our super busy and fast 2 year old. 

howtomakespray 1236.jpg

1. This DUCK float. It was big enough for two of us and we loved it in the pool. Wes took it out on the ocean a little bit. Emaline loved being pushed around in it in the pool! Also... it has cup holders. YES. Ha!! Only $34 on Amazon, click the link below!

2. This SUNSCREEN worked like magic with my spray tan! Most sunscreens can strip your tan easily because of the ingredients. This one didn't! It also goes on super easy and smooth. 

3. This BABY HAT. Now that we have a fast moving toddler, we knew we couldn't get away with the traditional baby sun hat. She doesn't like having things in her way either. This "adventure hat" as she called it (phrase coined by daddio), was the best thing ever! The material is SPF 50+ and it never came off! She wanted to wear it everywhere and it kept her head, neck and face protected. Comes in several colors! We got it in light blue. 

4. These BABY SANDALS are the cutest ever and didn't rub her feet! She loves them and can wear them with everything! I didn't want to fool with bringing several shoes down to the beach so these worked with all of her outfits. They can also get in water and clean easily. Totally recommend! They come in several colors! We have them in white. 

5. This BABY POOL was a game changer on the beach! Emmie would get hot but she didn't want to go to the ocean, so it helped cool her down. She also liked to "wash her hands" in it when they got too sandy. Ha! On the last day, her favorite activity was pouring water into the hole Daddy dug in the sand. This, of course, resulted in Daddy having to take several trips to the ocean to refill the pool. On repeat. ;)

6. These SANDALS for me - were all I needed! I didn't want to fool with bringing a ton of shoes to the beach and I wore these with everything! 

7. I'm shocked I'm saying this but I actually had time to READ at the beach! This book is EVERYTHING... I can't stop reading it. I feel like I 100% need to hear every word in it right now. Highly recommend it! 

8. This MOISTURIZER is amazing! It doesn't rub off your spray tan and it helps boost what you have. It also smells really good! 

9. This COOLER backpack. OMG - game. changer. You know when you have a kid you need to have your hands readily available. We love this thing and it works! Perfect for the beach or pool or any sort of event you're going to. 

10. A WAGON. Here's the thing about wagons. If you're going to the beach, you HAVE to get the mega wheels. Otherwise your wagon won't roll on the sand! This is a must have for everyone at the beach... it makes lugging all of your gear so so so much easier! 

Lastly, a lot of you have asked about my swimsuits and cover ups.... Below I've linked them all for you!! xoxoxo