I get this question a lot, because I LOVE spray tans and I always seem to make them last for about 7-10 days! Here's the lowdown:

First things first, I'll start with my BIGGEST piece of advice: Get your spray tan from an actual human person, not a booth. These people are trained to make your tan look natural. If you're in the Atlanta area, try my favorite spray tanning service called Southern Glow On The Go. Send them a DM or call them, and tell them I sent you! They're a mobile service and they come to you! They make you feel super comfortable and are done in under 20 minutes. I have also never been so happy with my tan. If you use them, ask for the rapid formula... I used this last time and it's my favorite!



Take a shower, shave and exfoliate! If you've already had a spray tan that is still fading away, soak in an epsom salt bath to help get rid of the excess. It's recommended you do this the day before, because your amino acids still need time to build back up in your skin. However, I have had days where I shower the morning of and it's been okay. 


Don't apply any makeup or lotions what-so-ever. Barely use deodorant (skip it if you can) and don't use any fragrances. 


During your spray tan, you can wear your underwear, swimsuit, or go completely nakey! I personally usually wear a pair of black swimsuit bottoms. 

After your spray tan, you'll want something dark and loose. Tight clothing can smear or leave a mark on your tan before it's fully dry. 


If you're getting a traditional spray tan, usually the timeline is 8-12 hours after you can shower. Some spray tan salons have a rapid formula now where you can shower in 4-5 hours. This is a very important question to ask! 

Also, for your first shower... don't scrub anything. Only wash the "important parts" - and no exfoliating. Warm water and make it quick!

To be honest, I make my tans last because I usually wait 2 days after the first shower to shower head to toe with soap. After that 2 day period, I've noticed no matter how long my showers are or how much soap I use the tan stays the same. 


This is important to keep up your tan! Don't use anything with mineral oil in it, because it's not good for you and it also can strip the tan. When looking for a lotion, avoid these ingredients -- mineral oil, alcohol, fragrances, and dyes... and anything you can't really pronounce. Ha! My favorite thing to use is straight up coconut oil or Cetaphil! You can also look into fancy tan extenders that really do work, just read the ingredients. 


You are fine to work out the next day, but make sure you shower FIRST. There is a layer of bronzing on your skin that comes off in the first shower and if you sweat with that on, it could cause some weird marks. To be safe, if this is for a big event and you can't have any weird lines, I would wait until day 2 if you're a big sweater. 


This is the hardest part for most of us - but to be honest, your tan covers a lot of your little hairs that no one notices. I usually try not to shave my legs until Day 3. 


- My hands and feet look dirty even with barrier cream - how do I avoid this? 

Answer: My guess is that you've been using a booth, instead of a human being. Once you find a really great person who actually spray tans you by hand, this shouldn't be an issue! To be honest, it's about the same price and just so much more worth it. 

- Is spray tan safe during pregnancy? 

Answer: According to this article, YES. But also - don't use the booths! You shouldn't be breathing it in like that. Just to be safe. 

- Is there a good DIY self tanning option?

Answer: I used to do this a lot, but once I found someone who could just spray me and make me look fabulous I decided it was a waste of my time and money. But, if you want to work really hard, to each his own! - here's my favorite DIY kind! 

- How do I get the spray tan to come off?

Answer: I find myself in this predicament often, when it's faded away but it's still on my feet, for example. Or if I just had a spray tan a few weeks ago but need another one for another reason. If you soak yourself in an epsom salt bath, it will help take the rest of your tan off. Also, exfoliating and washing with a wash cloth!

- How do I make my tan last at the pool or beach?

Answer: This is a tough one. Ok, I ALWAYS get a spray tan before my beach trips because I don't want to spend the first half of my trip laying in the sun and trying to get tan, all whilst being super uncomfortable in my non-tan bod. But, going into it, I know that as soon as I jump in the pool - my tan fades super quick. So I usually try my hardest not to lounge in the pool until about day 2 or 3 of my trip.

- What kind of sunscreen can I use with my spray tan?

Answer: Also, use sunscreen that won't strip your tan! This kind  - and don't use the aerosol spray ons! The alcohol strips your tan. 


Note about this photo: It's unedited... and that mark on my knee, it's from the time I fell down on some steps back in January... not from the spray tan! xo

Wearing a 1X on top and a 2X in bottoms! Also available in XS-XL

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This post is sponsored by Southern Glow on the Go and SeaAngels Swimwear.

This post is sponsored by Southern Glow on the Go and SeaAngels Swimwear.