We've all heard the phrase "do one thing that scares you" - which I like to embrace from time to time. But when it comes to clothing, this type of thinking can ring true too. I recently tried to rock a JUMPSUIT that I was SO nervous about wearing. It was completely out of my comfort zone and not something I would ever normally pick out for me. 

But I was feeling adventurous. So I went for it. 

Guess what? I ended up loving it so much - I've worn it for several occasions now. Forcing yourself to TRY something that's outside of your comfort zone is a small way to gain confidence. 

By the way --- Here's that jumpsuit, and the details on how to shop it. If you purchase this one, size up. I am wearing a size 18 (I am a 16 in jeans). I've also linked some other jumpsuits you may want to try! 

I love pairing jumpsuits with mule-type shoes. I've linked some for you here as well!

If you can find one that fits you right - Jumpsuits can be amazing. I've tried about 30 before finding this one. Be patient ;)

HAPPY SPRING! (Even though its COLD AF IN ATL!)

All photography by Morgan Hayes. This jumpsuit was gifted to me from Eloquii, a brand I absolutely love who embraces body positivity just as much as I do. Thanks for understanding my need to be transparent with you and for supporting House of Dorough.