...No, not talking about your digestive system. The other type of "tummy issue." The one that makes you cripplingly self conscious. The one that makes you swear off jeans and only wear leggings and shirts that are way too big for you.

So, I've never had a "flat" stomach, but after having my first child, it's safe to say that my "tummy" is the part of my body I'm most insecure about. I'm not sure it will ever go away, but it's okay - I really have bigger things to worry about and I've somehow learned how to love and embrace my mom bod. It took me awhile to learn how to dress this new shape of mine... so I wanted to share what I've figured out. 

Here's my "formula" for dressing myself and feeling confident. I call it BTS for short.

1. BOTTOM: First you MUST find high waisted jeans. This a MUST. Low rise is a 100% NO, Mid-rise is okay but expect to be pulling them up through out the day. High rise are amazing. If you're ready to invest in some amazing denim, try my favorite brand GOOD AMERICAN jeans (wearing a size 16). If you're not ready to invest, try the HIGH RISE ROCKSTAR JEANS from Old Navy, only available online here. Not sure if you should be trying skinny, straight leg, or flared? Try them all. In order to really find what your body needs, you need to take the time for yourself to try on different styles. Sounds annoying, but it's so so so worth it. 

2. TOP: Once you have your magical jeans that make you feel like a QUEEN (yes, its POSSIBLE... you just have to try!!), the next thing you must do is find a flattering top. For my body shape, it needs to be longer and not form fitting around the stomach area. This type of blouse I'm wearing pictured is PERFECT for me because it's soft enough to lay beautifully and it's still loose fitting. It doesn't look huge or boxy. Another "go-to" for me is a tunic length top, preferable soft cotton so it lays nicely and isn't too boxy. For people who don't have much of a waist, look for tops that give you more of a waist. I also love what peplum tops can do for people with and without waists. 

3. SHOE: The perfect shoe... what are you doing today? Will you be walking a lot for hours, or can you rock a heeled boot for a few hours and be fine? If you're anything like me - comfort comes first. I cannot stand to be uncomfortable, especially in shoes. I would rather be bare foot (I've been known to rock the bare feet in public a time or two). My first thought is always a cute bootie, but if I am running errands all day I opt for a cute sneaker. 

SIDE NOTE: The white boot trend can be intimidating, sure... but literally ANYONE can do it. And guess what?! I got these from Target. BALLIN. ON A. BUDGET. Get these exact boots HERE. 

Ok, I've done some work for you. I've put together a group of tops I think you should try and also a group of pants for you to look at and think about trying. 

 Have you figured out your formula yet?! Let me know what it is! 

Photos by Viva Lux Photography.