nola 537.jpg

I've gotten a lot of questions about what I wore in New Orleans on our recent trip. Guess what?! It was actually just a swimsuit that I restyled as a bodysuit. (Disclaimer: this swimsuit was sent to me by Sea Angels, and I really love it styled this way. My honest opinion: I don't love how it looks as a swimsuit alone on me, but I'm really loving it as a bodysuit). 

frenchquarter 479.jpg

Here is what was going through my head while trying to figure out what to wear:

I'm hot and sweaty. I'm in New Orleans. I'm going to be walking in this heat. I don't want to wear pants. I want to wear this skirt... but I don't have a top... but wait... omg... what if I... wait! This could be cute!

So I threw it on underneath this cute midi skirt from Target (shocker). I added my favorite new statement necklace from Kendra Scott and I was ready. to. go. I grabbed this simple black purse (which is on super sale right now) instead of carrying my bigger purse, and it was perfect. 

The suit, necklace, purse and bracelets are available below. The skirt is only IN STORE & the sunnies are way sold out. Ahh! 

Have you ever restyled a swimsuit like this? Or do you think I'm absolutely insane? Either way, I have no regrets. Enjoy this tidbit of outfit inspiration!