So, this pom-pom trend has been going on for awhile, and if you're not careful... you'll end up with an entire wardrobe full of pom-poms! You can find them on almost everything: shoes, bags, hats, shirts, keychains... you name it. You've got to be careful when shopping, or else you may end up looking like a walking pom-pom party!! j/k but not really.

THAT BEING SAID... I think they're really stinkin' cute when used properly. Especially on earrings.

Here's my favorite take on the pom-pom trend (click here to shop the exact earrings I'm wearing). I love the simplicity of these, and they were NOT expensive! The rose gold compliments the soft pink pom which keeps it neutral, but they're still super fun.

Honestly, after my last blog post, I'm feeling like I need a pom-pom party up in here.

So here you have it - my FAVE pom-pom earring picks (you can shop directly by clicking on each picture)! Perfect for summer and casually dressing anything up!

These are pretty dang cute and after searching for the best of the best for great prices, I'm certainly going to have to indulge...