UPDATE: It's been about 5 weeks since I started my LOVE YOURSELF challenge. When I started this blog, I promised to be nothing but real. Here's how everything has REALLY been going.

A quick rundown of what I've been doing: working out at Barry's Bootcamp 3x a week, and eating Paleo-ish. Read more HERE, and here


Around week 3/4, I got some bad news. I have a stress fracture in my knee. That knee in particular has been bothering me for awhile, so I'm not sure when I got it. But doing sprints on it certainly didn't help. 

I've also been sick on and off during this first phase, which has made eating right very difficult. I've had my really good days and my really bad days. But I always try to get back on track quick, and stay on top of my whole food supplements. 

So, here I am - sticking with it. The old me would have stopped everything by now and just lived in frustration. But I'm choosing to figure out how to still take care of myself, workout and feel better even with an injury. It's taking an extra effort on my part to be careful and take it slow, working closely with the staff at Barry's. But it is possible!  


BODY: So far I've lost 26 inches total! Most of the inches I've lost are in my stomach, bust, and hip area. This was SHOCKING to me considering all of the obstacles I've had. With my hurt knee, I can't do most of the leg workouts but I can do some of them. Instead of breaking up my weight work with treadmill work, I am now doing 100% weight work on the floor. 

NUTRITION: I went back for a follow-up with my nutritionist and we re-tested my body and the results were amazing. Most of my issues that I had before had resolved. Now, I have to work more on brain focus, anxiety, and stress control. Overall, my body feels so much better now. I am trying to keep it that way by eating as clean as possible. To read more about the nutrition path I've chosen, click HERE. 

MENTAL: When I first started this transformation, I had internalized so much stress and anxiety that I didn't even feel it anymore. It started manifesting itself and showing up in physical forms. I was constantly trying to catch my breath and I'd get tingling sensations all over my head. I would get light headed at random times. I went to my doctor really concerned that something was wrong, and she looked me in the eye and told me it was anxiety. I was shocked and a little skeptical, but you know what? Since I started taking care of myself, those symptoms have vanished... for the most part. I have had a few more concentrated anxiety attacks but I think that the difference here is that I actually can feel it when it's happening. This is a major improvement. 

BODY IMAGE: I noticed this week that I've started choosing photos that have my double chin in them. I don't know why, but I've just been drawn to them. I think this means I'm starting to love myself more. 


Thanks for following along and cheering me on. Your messages inspire me. I want to see how YOU have chosen to take care of yourself, love yourself, and be yourself. Message me! xo

I have partnered with Barry's Bootcamp to show you that YOU are worth the hard work, and that if I can do a hard workout... so can you. My goal here is to empower other women. I wanted to document my journey and share it with all of you, because it's something we don't talk about enough as women. Working out is intimidating, and if I can do it - so can you. I only work with brands that I truly love, and thank you for continuing to support me on this journey. Partnering with Barry's means that I'm providing them with content as they help me on my transformation journey.