I've been a fan of the kimono trend before it was ever a trend (what do you call that... OG kimono lover? idk). I've got to say I am loving the "winterized" versions I've been seeing this season! Here is one that feels perfect for Fall and the color is gorgeous. It has hints of metallics woven through the fabric and I love love LOVE it!!

So, why do I LOVE kimonos? Because it is so easy to style them. You can jazz up the most boring outfit ever by throwing one on. It's a simple, no-fuss way to feel put together. 

I've linked my full look as well as some others. 

Oh, and BTW, these boots were made for walking - for real. I have worn them for several days of work on my feet, to a concert, out to dinner, etc. So comfortable! Also, METALLICS are the new NEUTRAL - which means, these babes go with everything. I've also linked these and some other fun metallic shoes for you to try. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!