HOW GETTING A KING SIZE BED SAVED OUR MARRIAGE // our master bedroom makeover

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… Ok, ok, OK. Call me dramatic. We may not have been on the edge of serious marital issues, but having a toddler who doesn’t sleep very well in her bed, plus a newborn baby, plus the chaos of living in a smaller sized home… you can imagine the amount of anxiety and stress we’ve been under. And having a queen size bed CERTAINLY did not help the situation.

Let’s rewind for a minute. Originally, we bought this house as a starter home but, 7 years later and here we are! Last January, Wes and I made the decision to finally commit to living small. We love our neighborhood so much and the schools are great, and with commute times to work and finances it really doesn’t make sense to move anytime soon.

But some things had and still have to change for our quality of life in this house. Space is an issue for us because 1, living in the suburbs and in the South, we grew up in bigger homes. But also, 2, we have two kids and I also work out of the home full time. As you can imagine, I have a lot of packages and items coming in to the home on a pretty consistent basis. Because of the new baby, we decided to move my “office space” into our bedroom, which has been terrible and overwhelming.

Until now…

Life is funny. I swear, you put something out into the universe, out into the air, or even pray about it… and 10 times out of 10 if it’s supposed to happen I swear it will. I was approached by Nailed It to see if they could help me get our master bedroom functioning better. At first, I was skeptical. Out of all of the work we’ve done in this house since we’ve been here… we have NEVER devoted time to our room. It is really sad, actually. We’ve never felt like we had a space just for us, made for us, etc. But when you’re on a tight budget, there are always more important things you want to devote your time and money to. We’ve always put our room on the backburner.

This time, we finally caved. Since I had someone standing there willing to donate their time and energy to mine and my husband’s space, I couldn’t turn them down. I had been avoiding this task for so long, and enough was enough.

So the Nailed It DIY ladies came in and drew up plans to completely rearrange the room and created a “work space wall” for me. We ditched ALL of our dressers, and installed exposed pipe shelving on the walls. We adopted the Marie Kondo method of folding our clothes that aren’t hung, and that’s what lives in these little boxes on the shelves. The hanging clothing rack is for blog projects I’m currently working on (i.e., outfits I need to shoot, looks I’m styling, etc).

So after the first time the DIY gals met with me, I mentioned how amazing it would be to have a nicer, bigger bed. The VERY NEXT DAY I get an email from a mattress company I’d had my eye on, but had never reached out. They asked if I’d be interested in trying one of their mattresses, and they had no clue I was in the midst of a bedroom re-do! How magical is that?

Obviously, I said YES and we opted for the King. We were nervous about a King fitting in the room - but after taking careful measurements, and sacrificing our nightstands (we have box crates installed on the walls now and it’s perfect!!) it was able to fit comfortably.

Now, those nights where our toddler sneaks into bed with us aren’t such a big deal anymore. Before, one of us would have to leave and go sleep on the couch. It’s a total game changer.

My husband and I both have had major back problems, probably from sleeping on a terrible mattress for years. And at 2 months in, we already notice a MAJOR difference. We’re sleeping better, and it helps that this mattress is made for bigger bodies!


Our mattress came from Big Fig, a company who’s designs cater specifically to big and tall people. That being said, no matter what size you are I think you’d love it. Like I said above, we went with the Standard King size bed and are SO happy with it. The delivery included white glove service - they even took our old bed! They set up everything and we didn’t have to do any of it. Amazing service.

Again, I’ll mention how much happier we are. The firmness of this mattress is perfect. We personally cannot stand soft mattresses, and that was what I was most worried about when shopping around. This one is perfect!

Big Fig sells extra tall mattresses too which I think it amazing! Shop all mattresses by clicking here.


King Size Mattress



Pipe Shelving

Clothing rack pipe shelf


Wood Crates (stained them gray with this)


Baskets (on the shelves where we keep our clothes)

Wall shelving with drawers

White wall shelf

Drawer organizer

Over the bed pictures, Over the desk pictures, jewelry organizer, picture shelves - handmade by Nailed It (they were so amazing!!!!)

OUR BEDROOM BEFORE (cannot believe I’m showing you this!!)


In summary, here are the major changes we made:

  • Upgraded to a king size bed

  • Removed closet doors and added a hanging curtain

  • Threw out 75% of our clothing

  • Got rid of all dressers and bulky furniture

  • Installed wall shelving and adopted the Kondo way of folding clothes

  • Created a “work wall” space

Photography by Amanda Duke

Photography by Amanda Duke