Pregnant and overwhelmed with all of the different maternity options out there (or lack thereof, in some cases)?! GIRL, I GOT YOU. 

I know first-hand how incredibly frustrating shopping for clothes that fit can be when your body is changing like crazy. The first time I was pregnant, I ordered tons of things from online shops, tried on everything, and hated most of it. I ended up spending my money on designer maternity jeans and leggings, and about 5-10 tops and dresses that could carry me through pregnancy.

I held on to those clothes, thinking that the next time I got pregnant I’d be able to wear them and so it would be worth the money. I also didn’t realize that I wouldn’t snap back immediately, so in turn I wore my maternity clothes for about a year after I had Emaline.

Cut to… this year, I get pregnant again. This time my body is COMPLETELY different though! And guess what? Most of that stuff I had stockpiled DOES NOT EVEN FIT. The jeans wouldn’t even come over my thighs.

That’s when it hit me:

This time - I decided to try something different. I decided to buy JUST the basics, and all the other clothes I need I will size up. And guess what? After I have this baby… I will have an AWESOME POSTPARTUM WARDROBE of regular clothing that isn’t skin tight while I’m getting back to my regular mom-bod.

Here's what you actually need to have when it comes to maternity clothes - for everything else, just try to be INTENTIONAL about what you’re buying and how long it will grow with your belly and whether or not you’ll be able to wear it after baby.

leggings 1631.jpg


Alllllll the leggings. If you're like me, you show early, and you won't be fitting into any of your jeans by week 13. Target used to make a kind of maternity legging that I loved, but I wore them to pieces during my first pregnancy and now they don't sell them anymore. The ones they do have are super thin and not the material I like… and they fall down on me.

BUUUUUT - I have found the best ones! My new FAVORITES that I found from a brand called STORQ - they're SOOO cozy and DON’T FALL DOWN!! I wear a size 5 and a size 6 (the size 6 is a little loose on me and I’m okay with it). Shop them by clicking HERE. The quality is amazing. Make sure you use my special VIP discount code from the email that went out today!

Shopping link below!

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A FEW BASIC DRESSES - When you start to grow and show, it’s actually super flattering to show off your bump rather than hide it. My favorite way to style a body con dress is to throw a kimono or a duster on over it. I have a couple of these, and they are perfect to layer with anything (sweaters too!!) This one from Target is perfect.

Storq also sells one that is super comfortable!

Shopping links below!

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You need just 2-3 basic maternity tees… In my case, I have one black vneck maternity tshirt from Target, and one black flowy maternity top from Old Navy. I layer these under everything! For example, jackets, button ups that you can’t button anymore, kimonos, cardigans. For all other tops like cardigans, jackets, sweaters, button ups, I’ve been shopping non-maternity and sizing up to a 2X-3X.

Side note, Old Navy really is great for maternity basics the only problem is they don’t have plus size. That being said, they run REALLY big - and even the XXL in tops are big on me right now.

Shopping links for basic tops below!


Especially if you’re pregnant over the summer… you really ONLY need to buy maybe one pair of maternity jeans. Here’s the thing though - they are SO HARD to find (at least for my body type they are!) I love the Good Mama ones but unless you’re going to wear them a lot, you can get away with the cheaper. The Target ones never fit my thighs right and seem to fall down constantly. The Old Navy ones are decent and will do the job. For me, though, I have been wearing a pair of jeggings on repeat that I found in the most unexpected place ever. Thanks, Instagram!

I found these jeggings from a brand called Bump It Up Maternity that specialize in plus size maternity clothing - and they are legit the only maternity jeggings that have ever fit me AND been super comfortable! Just make sure you size up because they are European. But for the price point and quality, TOTALLY worth it.

I’m wearing them in this pic on the left!



Girl, get yourself ONE pair of maternity pj’s. When you get into the third trimester and really start to feel like you just want something cozy that fits - and NOTHING fits - not even your husbands tees… nothing is more depressing!!

I just discovered these pajamas from PINKBLUSH and I am SO pleased with them!! The pants and top fit amazing and are so soft. They don’t shrink up in the wash either. I am wearing a 3X in this exact pajama set.

Other things to note:

***Before I got pregnant with this baby, I was a solid size 16 and a 1X-2X. I have been sizing up in jackets, sweaters, cardigans, tops, and dresses to an 18-20 or a 2X. Pretty excited about my postpartum wardrobe this time around — because last time it was super depressing to wear the same worn out, maternity clothing items for a year.

***For BRAS - if you’re going to be nursing, I recommend getting a nursing bra. Macy’s has a great selection. But for the time being, as you’re growing and changing - all you need to do is get BRA EXTENDERS! I still wear my same bras just with extenders. And yes, my boobs have completely exploded. I went from a 38C to a 42DD. It works, trust me.

***For MATERNITY & PLUS SIZE MATERNITY clothing (which is super rare) - I recommend PINKBLUSH across the board - they have an amazing, adorable selection of dresses and tops. And their price points are PERFECT! They also usually have sales going on. Perfect place to get a dress for a baby shower or a maternity shoot as well.

***For PLUS SIZE MATERNITY LEGGINGS - go to STORQ. I fit in to their size 5 leggings and also the size 6 (they’re just a little looser). The quality of their leggings are amazing compared to every other brand I’ve tried. Storq also carries basics like tops, skirts, tanks, and dresses. I recommend getting their bundle!