Hey girl, yeah you - With the super trendy embroidered denim with the adorable hemline. Or you, in the really cute leather suede skirt. I envy you. Why, you ask? Because I literally cannot find those items in my size right now, and it's frustrating.

Here's the thing: size DOESN'T matter when it comes to beauty and self worth. It took me until I hit my 30's to finally embrace that type of thinking. I used to obsess over fitting into a pair of jeans because it said it was a certain size. Obsess. I don't do that anymore. Instead, I just want clothing that fits that I actually like. But sometimes, I just want to be able to rock the cool pair of jeans that I saw in a store window the other day. Ya feel me?

For us curvier ladies in the size 14+ range, we get the short end of the stick. Do you know how hard it can be to find clothes that actually fit right? I shop for other people for a living and I constantly find myself saying "gah, I wish these came in my size." So, no WONDER we beat ourselves up about not being a certain size. 

Did you know that the average woman in America right now is a size 16? Did you know that most high end brands and even lower end don't surpass a size 12? 

Dear fashion world, can we work on that? What kind of message is that sending to the females of our society? That, because you are a certain size and look a certain way, you can't shop here? When you really break it down and think about it, it's a pretty negative message. 

I have a friend who owns a boutique that actually carries a good amount of larger sizes, but she is few and far between. And the stories she tells me about how hard it is to find cute, well fitting clothing for bigger sizes is unreal. (Her boutique is amazing by the way, check them out here). 

You might see these pictures of me and may not think twice about what I'm wearing. Or maybe you do, and you're wondering why I always wear the same jeans? It's because I don't have many options, to be honest. I have to think outside of the box a lot. 

We all have different bodies and sizes and we all need to love who we are from the inside out. But sometimes, its frustrating when I can only find jeans that fit me at Target or Good American (which I swear by, by the way). They carry their jeans in size 00-26. That is UNHEARD of, but amazing! 

So: what does being plus size mean in the year 2017? For me, I feel that at this time in our society, it means you really have to search for what you want. It means you might go shopping with your girlfriends but can never buy anything. Shopping online is key to finding anything fashionable or remotely "high end."

I don't have a solution, but I do know that there are several great online retailers that offer great options. I've compiled a list below of my favorite online stores that carry a larger range of sizes. I would LOVE to hear if you have any more stores to add! 









JEANS (size 16) | HERE



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