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JUST KIDDING. There's no such thing as a lazy parent. But we can dream, can't we? Last month, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend more than a week at the beach... some much needed quality time for us and our daughter! But, like I'm sure most parents do, we quickly realized that our days of actually relaxing at the beach are... well, OVER. 

Ha! No, seriously... bringing a toddler on vacation is hard work. Don't get me wrong --- we loved every minute of our time playing on the beach. And watching her discover new things is probably the most rewarding thing ever about being a parent. But if you have a child like we do ... a strong willed, excited, go getter kind of kid... you want to BE. PREPARED. 

That's why I've created this TINY SURVIVAL GUIDE for toddlers and lazy parents on the beach. (Do I keep saying lazy? Yes. Dreaming of lazy days currently).


1. A magical fold up highchair. This CIAO BABY chair is a game changer! It would work in many situations other than the beach. Easy to clean, easy to fold up just like a camping chair. Em loved "feeling like a big girl" in her own chair. When I needed to keep her contained, I would put her in there with a snack and it would buy us a little time of not chasing.


2. These Melissa & Doug WATER WOW coloring pads. Oh. My. Gawd. You guys... if you have a child that likes artistic activities... GET THESE NOW! I got the three pack. I always had one on me - they come in handy at the grocery store, restaurants, doctors office, and yep... you guessed it, the beach! It leaves no mess and would keep her entertained for a while. Thanks to a good friend who showed me these... I would have never thought about it! We still use them everywhere we travel.


3. These YOSH brand phone protectors! Say goodbye to ziploc bags and HELLO to these amazing waterproof, sand proof, everything proof bags for your cell phones! And YES, you can still take good pictures!!! These were a necessity for me at the beach... #mamarazzi. They're SO affordable and AMAZING!


4. THIS IS A MUST: A WAGON. And, hopefully yours will look prettier than this. #REALLIFE Ha! If you follow along on my Instagram stories at all, you may have seen that I use a wagon for styling my shoots a lot. This cart is collapsible and I love it. This one came in handy again at the beach, because we would tote Em & ALL of our beach stuff in it. This is a must have item!! Especially if you have a kid who is a runner (like my own)... you simply cannot hold the child and everything else you need. I would recommend getting the one with the BIG wheels so it can roll on the sand easily.


5. A TENT. Our daughter loved to climb in and out and used it like a play house to entertain herself. We love this tent because it collapses easily and travels well. It also protected her from the sun (if she would stay in it long enough)! We could have laid her in there to take a nap as well.


beachmusthaves 201.jpg

If you're planning ANY sort of trip, these things will come in handy. There are millions of other things you'll need of course, but these were the things that I feel like are worth your money!