most asked question ever - which I totally understand why! It can be hard to find tops that are long enough or flattering with leggings.

Here are my current picks that you could wear with leggings. Most of these items are on mega sale right now (it’s like the pre-black friday sales are crazy out of control this year?!! - not complaining!!)

Click the photos to shop!

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PEARL JO'S BIRTH STORY // hospital newborn photos

PJ is here, and our hearts are SO FULL! As I mentioned in the previous post, my fluid levels were severely high towards the end of this pregnancy and so at 37 weeks they decided to induce me (Friday, October 26th). At the time, PJ was head down and my doctor was confident we could deliver her naturally.

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CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU, PJ // family maternity photos

Oh my goodness, baby girl! I don’t even know where to start. You have made your presence known during this pregnancy! Starting at Week 4, I thought I had the stomach flu… but nope, that was just you, letting me know you were here! I stayed nauseous 24-7 until about week 18, and then I finally came out of the fog, so to speak.

In the beginning, before our first ultrasound, I was so filled with anxiety. I remember not being able to sleep one night,

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STYLE HAS NO SIZE // denim on denim with Madewell

Thank you to Madewell for sponsoring this month’s Style Has No Size look!

Mireille from City Peach and I are at it again! This time with a super fun way to style a casual look for the Fall.

Striped color-blocked sweaters are ALL THE RAGE right now. So are denim jackets. And guess what? We jumped on the socks + mary janes bandwagon and I AM OBSESSED.

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what types of shoes to wear these “demi-boot” jeans with, as well as how to style them. I figured I’d just throw it all together in a blog post for you to make it easy!

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Thank you, Sesame Street Live, for sponsoring this blog post. Scroll down for an exciting giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Dear Emaline, E, Em, Emmie, etc…

You’re about to be a big sister and I am in complete denial. None of it feels real, and I honestly have no idea what to expect in the coming weeks.

I’m writing you this letter because maybe one day, you’ll read this and it will mean something.

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Pregnant and overwhelmed with all of the different maternity options out there (or lack thereof, in some cases)?! GIRL, I GOT YOU. This time - I decided to try something different. I decided to buy JUST the basics, and all the other clothes I need I will size up. And guess what? After I have this baby… I will have an AWESOME POSTPARTUM WARDROBE of regular clothing that isn’t skin tight while I’m getting back to my regular mom-bod.

Here's what you actually need to have when it comes to maternity clothes - for everything else, just try to be INTENTIONAL about what you’re buying and how long it will grow with your belly and whether or not you’ll be able to wear it after baby.

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JCrew has extended their sizing and I am SO excited to show you the things I love! WARNING: there are… a lot. There are so many more things I wanted to include as well, but the list was getting a little out of hand. ;)

If I were you, I’d shop NOW because most of these items (and more on the site) are 40% OFF with code BIGSALE !!!!

Scroll down to see all of my picks - click on each picture to see the item. Note that MOST of these items come in several colors. All items start as XXS/00 and go up to a 3X or 24. All jeans go from a size 23 to a size 37!

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OH, BTW WE ARE HAVING A BABY! I guess it’s time for a bumpdate?

Although I have referenced the fact that I am pregnant on here, I realized the other day that I never made the “official announcement” on the blog that we are having our second baby girl… so, better late than never!

I haven’t been big on doing “bumpdates” - but I thought I would update you all on how I actually am doing, despite the pics and videos you see on Instagram.

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STYLE HAS NO SIZE // boyfriend jeans + kimono

One of my biggest requests has been to style boyfriend jeans as a plus size woman. Here's how I did it, using the same exact kimono as my girl Mireille from City Peach! This is the second feature in our series, STYLE HAS NO SIZE, and we LOVE THIS LOOK! I hope you do too!

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“What happens when you finally lose all the baby weight, what will you call yourself then?”

“What size are you REALLY, though?”

“Are you calling yourself plus size just because you’re pregnant?”

“What size were you before you got pregnant?”

These are just a few examples of questions I get ALL of the time. From real life friends and family, to people I don’t know on the internet.

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